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If you run – than you chase the wind, if you conquer summits – they are always the highest. Meet the scent so dynamic and full of energy as your nature. LA RIVE BLUE LINE is a fragrance which makes that before the eyes you always have horizon and nothing limits you! Notes of birch leaves, vetiver, cedarwood and bergamot are talking here about freedom. In addition, the energy and ceaseless readiness for action completed with aromas of sandalwood, violet leaf, vanilla and musk. Such carefully chosen chords were supplemented with a pinch of sharper character which is represented by juniper, pepper and patchouli – aromas that consistently close the composition and at the same time begin your adventure! 



bergamot, mandarin, birch leaves



cedarwood, sandalwood, juniper, violet leaves, pepper, vetiver



amber, patchouli, musk, vanilla

LA Rive Blue Line EDT 90ML For Men

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