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Do you know with what power the water foamed with crisp air can strike the rock? This is the power that you also have inside yourself! BODY LIKE A MAN is fragrance created for such a man - the power of fresh grapefruit peel and Sicilian mandarin enhanced with aromas of bergamot and frankincense flow directly from nature. The heart of the fragrance is the

strength of the tree musk and the oak moss through which you find the ancient inner rhythm of nature. This extremely seductive fragrance combines the freshness alluring spicy depth of rosemary and Sichuan pepper. Find inside yourself this captivating character and highlight it with the fragrance



bergamot / juniper / Sicilian mandarin / grapefruit peel



frankincense / oak moss / musk tree



rosemary / rosewood / Sichuan pepper

LA Rive Body Like A Men EDT 90ML For Men

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