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You are one of the women who are courageous and full of energy, who are eager to face new challenges and challenge the world? If so, this fragrance is ideal for you. It is a discrete elegance combined with a note of sensuality and wildness suitable for a woman who is aware of her beauty, seductive, provocative.. The character of the fragrance is emphasised by bergamot and mandarin notes. Out of its heart comes a delicate composition of peach and the flower of orange. All this is completed with the base note of musk and patchouli. It is a subtle fragrance, which at the same time is very elegant and feminine, electrifying with its power and charm. Let it carry you away!



lemon / neroli flower / raspberry



gardenia / jasmine / orange blossom



amber / white honey / patchouli

LA Rive Crystal Lady Diamond EDP 75ML For Women (Made With Original Crystals)

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