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Eau de parfum from the oriental and fougère scent family for self-confident, modern and classy women. Feminine elegance has many faces. You look into the future with confidence, take a deep breath and you know it: your destiny is freedom and independence, your power is DESTINÉE. Feel the energy of tangerine, blackcurrant and petitgrain in the top notes. Bring out your style with the scents of jasmine, lavender and orange blossom in the heart note. Enjoy them and rediscover them. Make your own powerful statement with a mature combination of ambergris, musk, cedar and a hint of vanilla in a calm base note. You create your own events on the horizon - this is your DESTINÉE



mandarin / lavender / blackcurrant / petitgrain



jasmine / lavender / orange blossom



vanilla / cedar / ambergris / musk

LA Rive Destinee EDP 90ML For Women

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