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Eau de Toilette from the aromatic aquatic fragrance family. A fresh and aromatic scent with marine aromas that will perfectly complement the style of an independent man with an optimistic nature.

A distant sea breeze is your energy, vitality, and entire way of life! Feel how this aromatic aquatic fragrance unveils a world of exciting adventures, where your optimism is an extraordinary strength. Start your journey with top notes, where sea water with mint, rosemary and lavender create a harmony of freshness with an accent of coriander and subtle green notes. Breathe deeply – in the heart of this scent, you will discover the revitalizing energy of geranium, sandalwood and jasmine with a hint of neroli flower. Set sail and let yourself be carried away by the depth of the base notes: it’s the aromas of oakmoss, cedarwood, tobacco and ambergris that remind you of your independence and the power of nature. LA RIVE DISTANT WAVE – your true sense of freedom.



sea water, mint, rosemary, lavender, coriander, calone, green notes



geranium, neroli, jasmine, sandalwood



oakmoss, cedarwood, tobacco, ambergris, musk

LA Rive Distant Wave EDT 100ML For Men

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