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Chypre-floral Eau de Parfum with alluring sweetness - for charming and self-confident women who like to be in the centre of events The magic of your everlasting charm... is an eternal mystery. Will you seal it with a kiss? Feel your power with ETERNAL KISS! Look for challenges and radiance in the scent of energetic red orange and mandarin. Tease and enjoy the subtle art of flirting with the alluring sweetness of honey, gardenia, jasmine and orange blossom in the heart notes. Be confident in the company of sweet and defiant notes of patchouli, beeswax and caramel with a hint of liquorice that form the base of the fragrance. Attract attention, catch glances, captivate - with the passionate charm of ETERNAL KISS.



red orange / mandarin



honey / gardenia / jasmine /orange blossom / peach



patchouli / beeswax /caramel / licorice

LA Rive Eternal Kiss EDP 90ML For Women

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