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Wood-aromatic eau de toilette for ambitious and assertive men. Masculine strength finds its source in a true passion, it reaches to the roots. The manifesto of the male style is a properly selected fragrance. HIS PASSION from LA RIVE is the extraordinary energy of the elements of the sea and land. This wood-aromatic composition combines the freshness of a sea breeze and bergamot with the classic lavender and geraniums. Its elegance is emphasised by a hint of rosemary and patchouli. The energy base of the fragrance owes its magnetism to the hint of vetiver and tonka beans. LA RIVE HIS PASSION is an assertive nature that draws attention and emphasises the masculine passion of life



fruity aromas / bergamot / sea aromas



geranium / lavender / rosemary



patchouli / vetiver / tonka beans

LA Rive His Passion EDT 100ML For Men

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