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Do you know what the strongest element of nature is? It's love! When a woman loves, her whole body pulsates with unusual vibrations of beauty, magnetism and sweetness... MADAME IN LOVE is a captivating composition, which tells about the beauty of this love in language of flowers and fruits. Immerse yourself in the sensual scents of patchouli, rose and osmanthus and let the elegant peony highlight your style, and the sandalwood exotic intrigue… Fresh citrus note and fruitful inspirations enchanted in the heart of the fragrance were created for modern woman and they are the perfect complement to her seductive nature. Love is your element - express it in your scent!



peony / citrus fruits



rose / osmanthus / fruit notes



sandalwood / patchouli

LA Rive Madame In Love EDP 90ML For Women

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