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Feminine charm delights with delicacy, seduces with a romantic look, leaves the memory of unique moments and this one, the only, unique smell, which enslaves meanders of thoughts of one who felt it forever... Do you need a fragrance that perfectly complements you and your style? Reach for MADAME ISABELLE composition and enjoy the delicacy of jasmine and amorous depth of the rose. Discover how joyful echoes are raised by the energy of bergamot and orange flavors, opening notes of the head of this fragrance and grab the motivation to act from them. Let yourself be covered with the notes of sandalwood and moss and see how magnetic force the oriental patchouli has - With this fragrance all the force will be yours!



bergamot / orange



rose / jasmine



patchouli / moss / sandalwood

LA Rive Madame Isabelle EDP 90ML For Women

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