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If you want to enchant a moment in a way that it would resemble the most beautiful dream. you can do it using the magic of the fragrance! Check out how notes of MISS DREAM aromas incredibly interact with your senses, stimulated by the juicy energy of exotic fruits, blackcurrant and bergamot. Enchant your milieu with amazingly passionate composition of tuberose and roasted tonka bean aromas - this combination symbolises the duality of female nature. Floral wave of jasmine, rose and magnolia notes is surrounded by delightfully soothing milk notes which are closed by the sweet vanilla accent. Watch how your milieu reacts... and do not tell them your secret, because the secret is you and MISS DREAM - your dreamed fragrance!



Bergamot / Cassis / exotic fruit / Blackcurrant



Jasmine / Rose / Magnolia / Sandalwood /Milky notes



Tonka bean / Vanilla

LA Rive Miss Dream EDP 90ML For Women

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