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Eau de Parfum from the prestigious collection Made with original crystals from LA RIVE. PINK VELVET is a fragrance full of joyful floral, fruity, and gourmand notes for women who love the feeling of freedom and value their charm.

LA RIVE CRYSTALS Collection – Made with original crystals
A unique, prestigious collection of luxury perfumes for women. Rich and inspiring fragrances complemented by beautiful, eye-catching packaging decorated with original crystals. This is a collection inspired by the glow of feminine beauty.

Imagine everything that brings you joy and the thrill of beautiful emotions in life and wrap yourself in this energy. Can you already feel it? … This is how the very sensual composition PINK VELVET affects the senses. It is a fragrance inspired by the shades of female beauty and an unlimited sense of freedom –  you will find here the noble notes of jasmine, iris, and orange flowers, with a juicy touch of blackcurrant and pear. The delightfully soothing base is the sweetness of vanilla and pralines combined with the elegant character of patchouli and a complementary touch of almonds and tonka beans. Get to know all the incarnations of the joy of life and feel their velvety touch in the PINK VELVET fragrance from LA RIVE.



blackcurrant, pear



iris, orange blossom, jasmine



almond, tonka bean, pralines, patchouli, vanilla

LA Rive Pink Velvet EDP 75ML For Women (Made With Original Crystals)

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