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An oriental-vanilla eau de parfum for ambitious and elegant women What is decisive for the energy of your day? Emotions! They flow within us like a raging stream - take in their flow in the company of the oriental-vanilla composition RIVER OF LOVE by LA RIVE. Feel the joyous opening notes of bergamot, jasmine and fruit cocktail with an accent of candy floss and the guile of blackcurrant leaves. The passionate heart is covered with the sweetness of honey, orchid and plum with an aroma of red berries scented with nutmeg. The base is made up of an oriental composition of sandalwood with patchouli and musk, tonka bean and caramel. Let your ambition guide you - the RIVER OF LOVE mist is a sign of your elegance



bergamot / melon / coconut / tangerine / jasmine /blackcurrant leaf / candy floss / pineapple



cumin / nutmeg / honey / apricot / blackberry /plum / orchid / peach / jasmine / May bells /rose / red berries



tonka bean / vanilla / patchouli /sandalwood / amber / musk /chocolate / caramel

LA Rive River Of Love EDP 100ML For Women

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